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Monday, January 03, 2005

The Phenomenon of the Graphic Novel -- Yeah, I dread the dry, uninformed approach such a title suggests -- but damn if Kevin Melrose hasn't pointed us to one of the most interesting articles on the subject I've seen maybe ever. Writer (and overall non-comics reader, until lately) Rick Kleffel explains the cascading manner in which he came to be immersed in the current building interest in graphic novels.

It's so easy as "insiders" to completely divorce ourselves from what the artform looks like from the outside, that Kleffel's piece should be required reading for anyone who wants to talk about how comics and graphic novels are infiltrating mainstream culture. And no surprise at all that voices like Pekar and Gaiman are the ones leading the charge for non-comics readers. After all, they're two comics writers who can actually write. How many in the Wizard Top Ten can you actually say that about?

So go read it and be sure to click on to Kleffel's own graphic review of Harvey Pekar's Our Movie Year.

Then, finally, come back here for Abhay Khosla's appreciation of Naoki Urasawa. It's one of the longest and most insightful pieces ever to run at Comic Book Galaxy, and you're bound to come away from it both enlightened and entertained by Abhay's uniquely crafted essay.


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