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Monday, December 20, 2004

Still Raging -- It was one year ago this week, more or less, that I guest-wrote All The Rage at Silver Bullet Comic Books. ATR is a rumour column about the comics industry, and I thought it would be interesting to comb through the dirt I dug up and see how well I scored.

Rumour #1: "Joss Whedon is the guy set to write New X-Men." This one was apparently correct, except Marvel decided instead of continuing the numbering to do a new #1 and create a new title for Whedon, although obviously Astonishing is the only true follow-up to Grant Morrison's New X-Men, so, I mostly got that one right. I had originally thought David Hine's District X would be another worthy successor to Morrison's sublime reinvention of the X mythos, but I bailed on that title after the first 6-issue storyline fizzled out rather than sustaining the spark seen in the first couple of issues.

Rumour #2: "John Cassaday will draw Whedon's X-Men." He shoots, he scores.

Rumour #3: "James Kochalka, Dan Clowes, and Jeffrey Brown are working on superhero projects." 100 percent accurate, as in, Super F*ckers, The Death-Ray and Bighead.

Rumour #4: "Formerly Known as the Justice League's Giffen, DeMatteis and Maguire are planning a series for Marvel as well." If they are, I must have missed it. WRONG. Damn it.

Rumour #5: "DC really wants to publish an Ed Brubaker and Trevor Hairsine incarnation of The Authority." Well, split that one down the middle, we got the Brubaker, anyway.

Rumour #6: "Frank Miller's Batman vs. The Terrorists to be a black and white 200-page hardcover." Could still happen, although presumably DC will want to wait until everyone who remembers how badly botched DK2 turned out is dead first.

Rumour #7: "Mark Millar and John Romita JR are working together on...something." That something turned out to be a cranky Canadian superhero with really sharp claws. Which is funny, because at the time of the column, I thought it was gonna be Blade, because -- because -- well, that would be telling.

Rumour #8: "Mark Millar quote brought down Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly." It may have contributed, but no, as Alan Shore pointed out in last night's divine episode of Boston Legal, it's more the fact that believing in God is now the law in the U.S. that brought down the softcore catalog.

Rumour #9: "Ultimate Clone Saga in the works." This actually happened, and even included Ben Reilly, as I said it would. This was the story that resulted in the creation of Ultimate Carnage and killed off poor teen hottie Ultimate Gwen Stacy.

Rumour #10: "Manga will continue to grow and expand into new and previously unexpected readerships." Well, duh.

Rumour #11: "Image will continue, but will cut back on unwanted and unneeded #1s in favour of more certain hits, stuff with a built-in audience, like just about everything by Robert Kirkman." I'd fall on the side of saying I got this wrong, as Kirkman was pretty much poached by Marvel instead of creating new titles for Image (and more's the pity), and Image did indeed continue to experiment with new titles during 2004, including one of my favourite new superhero books, Ultra.

Rumour #12: "CrossGen titles will make a massive influx into the quarter bins of comics shops around the country in 2004." Well, yeah. The retailers who heavily bought into CrossGen and invested in their once-huge backlist of trade paperbacks really got screwed, from what I can see. Do you want a copy of Meridian Vol. 3 at full cover price? At all?

Rumour #13: "Everything Dan Buckley and Paul Levitz think up will be utter shit." From Identity Crisis to Identity Disc, from New Avengers to, erm, Identity Crisis (also known as Meltzer's Misogynist Assrape Funnies hereabouts), this one was obviously so right it hurts. It's also the only one I am willing to extend to the entirety of calendar year 2005. Happy new year, everybody.


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