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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Essential 2004 -- Former Galaxy contributor Marc Mason has a fantastic column today at Movie Poop Shoot on what he considers essential reading of the past year. It's a bit of a different spin from the usual "Best of the Year" approach, and his choices are unimpeachable. Take a look.

Included on Marc's list of essential reading is Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca's Street Angel, which is just about my favourite comic in the world right now. And if you head over to their website, they've posted a preview of Street Angel #5 that makes it look very much like the best issue yet. One of the great things about Street Angel is that you can jump in with any issue and understand what's going on and enjoy the hell out of it. So please tell your retailer right now that you want to order #5, whether you've read any previous issues or not. You're in for a treat.

Also noteworthy today is former Poop Shoot contributor AK's look at John Byrne's Next Men. Which got me once again rambling on about my Unified Theory of Byrne.


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