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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Editorboy Rampage! -- You know, "Leaking a news story is like farting," I told a friend of mine today. "Usually you know what's going to happen, but every once in a while, you need to change your shorts."

Earlier this week, a comics internet acquaintance of mine privately e-mailed me and some other people a link to a PDF file of an upcoming comic called Elk's Run. I've never heard of any of the book's creators, but scrolling through the PDF I liked the art and told my acquaintance that I would be interested in seeing the printed book when it's available. I don't generally like reviewing comics from PDF, because the experience just isn't the same as reading the actual finished product.

Earlier today I received an e-mail from a "Joshua Hale Fialkov" asking me and numerous other comics journalist types not to talk about the book. Apparently he is the editor of the comic in question. He said "[I]t is of the utmost importance that we control the dispersion of information on the book, we have already made arrangements for an exclusive announcement of the book to CBR, so I can't have anyone else discussing the book online until that interview comes out in the next
month or so."

One of the comics journalists who received the PDF and Fialkov's unreasonable request e-mailed all of us to say that he didn't want to hear any more about the book until he could discuss it publicly, and noted that the request that we all submit to Fialkov's agreement with CBR as "weird." I agree.

Fialkov insisted in a mass e-mail that "I'm sure any
of the people on this list whom we've dealt with before, will vouch
for my company's unwavering professionality [sic] in all matters." Personally, I find his childish hissy fit at a leak that, I'm told, he instigated, both unprofessional and more than a little silly. An instant messenger chat transcript that I received showed Fialkov saying that the PDF file was sent to "people who won't neccessarily [sic] say waht [sic] i want them to say when i want them to say it."

You know, a secret is only a secret if you don't share it. If you don't want the story, or the comic, leaked, then don't put it up on the internet and leak it. Because at that point, you have lost all control over your comic, your story, and the journalists you sought to control.



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