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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Whatever Happened to the Blog of Tomorrow? -- I'm sorry this page has been so sparsely updated the past few weeks...lots of stuff has been posted to the main site of Comic Book Galaxy, particularly the reviews section, and I'm sure most of you will be thrilled to hear that Chris Allen has written a long-ass new column packed with reviews that I will be posting on Monday.

Longer term, we have a few new reviewers, some of whom have already posted reviews to the site, and a few of whom have yet to debut -- and there's also an interesting piece of comics journalism in the works that should be of interest to folks watching the bleeding edge of the comics industry. Speaking of which, did you see my (More Than) Five Questions About Comics Retailing yesterday at Newsarama? Me and Earthworld's JC Glindmyer in an in-depth discussion of retail-related issues; interesting stuff that Newsarama's readers seem to have enjoyed.

Finally, I'm off to the comics shop today. Normally I go on Thursday but a doctor's appointment and other responsibilities took up my time this past week...meanwhile, high winds yesterday blew all the remaining leaves off the trees and Autumn seems to be ticking down its final hours here in upstate New York.


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