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Monday, October 25, 2004

Comics Website News of the Decade -- Seriously, I can't think of more unexpected or more exciting news than that Tom Spurgeon has started his own website,
The Comics Reporter.

I first "met" Tom when I interviewed him about the Stan Lee biography he co-wrote with Jordan Raphael, but I had been aware of his writing in The Comics Journal for years before that, and recently, in fact, referred to Tom as the magazine's "longtime MVP" in a review of the Journal's most recent issue.

So exciting is the news that Tom has started his own site that here I am, up and blogging at a few minutes before four in the morning, when the plan was originally to slog groggily to the bathroom, pee, take a quick glimpse at my e-mail and shuffle back to bed. But this is too freaking cool, so defying slumber and a recurrance of my dreaded bicipital tendonitis, here I am typing away about the fact that one of my very favourite writers on the subject most dear to my heart has decided to go public on the Comics Internet with his own endeavour. And now, since I seem to be rambling in my glee and enthusiasm for this news, I'm going to let Tom's own words describe his new site:

I'm launching a comics-related web site, The Comics
Reporter, to be found by pointing your browser to

The site went live at 12:01 AM today, although it has
been in light operation for two weeks.

The primary features will be:

· A “Romenesko”-style news weblog covering the various
comics industries in an uncompromising, smart,
respectful and entertaining fashion
· A daily review featuring at least one book or
distinct work
· Editorials and commentary on issues relating to
· A weekly magazine-style posting highlighting feature
material, including interviews
· Shipping lists linked to reviews in "Rotten
Tomatoes" fashion
· A previews section
· Helpful background and general material
· Over 300 archived articles from my 10-plus years of
writing about comics for print, to be rolled out over
a two-year period.

Also for cartoonists and company publicity-type folk:
I will be looking for features and I hope to provide
preview space for upcoming books of note, hopefully
outside of the more predictable "hype cycle." My aim
is to provide a quality resource for comics readers
and industry members, and a particularly useful place
for press who cover comics to orient themselves and
gather ideas. Please contact me about ideas for
features and making use of the previews feature.

Anyone at all: if there is an issue or area of comics
any of you would like to see explored or examined,
please let me know about it. I hope that the site
works in service to the professional, retail, and
readership communities.

So that's it. The very best comics-related news I've seen in a long, long time. Check out The Comics Reporter and see if it doesn't just rock your socks with its approach, focus and content. Me, I'm off to poke through every page of the thing and bask in the glow of the certain knowledge that a Very Good Thing has happened today. Congratulations and the very best of luck to Tom Spurgeon, and my eternal thanks to him for doing this.


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