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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Why Bother? (UPDATED!) One of my favourite thinkers about issues pertaining to the comics industry and artform is Christopher Butcher. When he gets going, man, he can really rock the room. Here, he gets to the heart of my more-than-occasional despair and doubt over this entire comics internet endeavour. My thoughts on the subject are tenth down in the accompanying comments thread. Also well worthy of attention is Ed Cunard's response to Butcher.

UPDATE: Much more from Christopher Butcher here and again, check the comments section attached to that post to read more of my thoughts. I love getting into a dialogue with smart people on issues I actually care about.

I'd love to post a brief list of the blogs, sites and columns that I think are worth checking out, but in my self-loathing, I try to read just about everything. I will point you to my recommendations, but there's probably a blog, site or column or three missing, as my list is subject to change, and it seems great new blogs pop up almost every week. Which is as good a time as every to say that if you would like to be linked from here, or if you have a link to Comic Book Galaxy on your site and would like me to consider reciprocating, drop me an e-mail and I will mull it over when I get a chance.


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