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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Week in Comics -- Been a while since I've run down my list of comics I'm getting this week...but here it is:



SLEEPER SEASON TWO #4 (Of 12) $2.95 -- Seems like the Comics Internet is awfully quiet about this second volume; in my opinion, it was a mistake to begin again with a new "season," as the series was rolling along nicely and anecdotally seemed to be reaching readers through the trade collections...online comments seem to indicate that the creators are already planning for their post-Sleeper projects, and that's a shame, because it kind of paints this as a lame duck. I've been enjoying it as much as ever, but I'll tell you, if the market can't support a monthly title as good and readable and exciting and entertaining and unpredictable as Sleeper, what will it support, short of crap like Hush and Transformers? Maybe the monthly is already dead, for people who enjoy good comics?


TOM STRONG #28 $2.95 -- Not by Alan Moore. I am a fanboy completist, apparently. In other Moore news, I am currently re-reading Voice of the Fire, and Jesus, it is just about the best thing Moore's ever written. I took my time with the first chapter, which is written in a seemingly difficult-to-parse approximation of 6000-year-old English, and you know, it's really not hard to read, it just takes a bit of immersion and concentration, sort of like Shuck, if you've read that. But yeah, if you love Moore, read Voice of the Fire, and if you don't love Moore, why, seriously, are you here?


SMALL GODS #3 $2.95 -- Diverting entertainment so far, surprisingly good, but I'm not yet sold on its long-term potential.


ASTONISHING X-MEN #5 $2.99 -- Can you believe he's back? I wasn't reading any X-titles at the time he died, and he's still alive in most of the X-comics I ever bother to read (the Claremont/Byrne stuff still holds up for my inner teenager), so his SHOCKING RETURN didn't really shock me, but, anyway, yeah, Astonishing X-Men is pretty swell, other than District X, the only X-comic currently at all worth reading. Lucky for all those X-Fans that I'm not Paul O'Brien...


PREVIEWS VOL XIV #10 (Net) $4.50 -- Yeah, I only get it to see if I'm quoted in any of the ads.


REMAINS #5 (MR) $3.99 -- My other favourite zombie comic, after Walking Dead. Not quite as complex, but the art's very nice and the story's entertaining, if slight. Probably read better in the trade. Fucking floppies.


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