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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Oh, That Alan Moore Interview -- For some time I've received e-mails from readers wondering where the text of my Five Questions for Alan Moore went to, since all the other 5Q interviews are linked from Comic Book Galaxy's interviews page. Now I can tell you that the text version of the interview will appear later this year in Avatar Press's trade paperback collection of Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures mini-series.

I'm thrilled that the interview will be part of the collection, because this means it will be read by even more Moore readers than those who read it when it originally appeared on my ADD Blog. And I'm also thrilled because the Yuggoth TPB includes one of my favourite Moore stories, "I Keep Coming Back," with artist Oscar Zarate, in addition, of course, to a number of other Moore stories. In addition, the 192-page book will include 50 pages (!) of material not in the series itself.

But I have to be honest and say that the idea of my 5,000 word interview with Moore finally being in print is about the most exciting news of my year. Here's what a couple of noted bloggers had to say about the interview:

Jessa Crispin, on March 08, 2004:

Alan Moore's Voice of the Fire has been released, and he discusses the book with Alan David Doane. It's one of the better interviews I've read with him, if only because Doane actually lets him talk. If the Internet has been good for literature at all, it's been the space allowed interviews with writers. It's also very refreshing to read an interview with Moore that doesn't use up three or four paragraphs explaining just how weird he looks and that whole snake worshipping thing. So thank you for that.

Sean Collins on March 4th, 2004:

Alan David Doane continues his string of amazing gets with a 5,000-word interview with Mr. Alan Moore. It occurs to me that I don't think I've ever read an interview with the writer before, but this one's a great place to start. Moore talks about his new prose novel Voice of the Fire, the legal machinations surrounding his old superhero book Miracleman, the pros and cons of his influential work on Swamp Thing and Watchmen (including a tip of the hat to Frank Miller), and more. He comes off both intelligent and warm. Check it out.

The interview is probably one of the two or three most exciting comics-related bits of business I've ever been involved in, and I hope you'll pre-order the Yuggoth Cultures TPB so you can own a copy of it. The book is solicited in the new Previews coming out this Wednesday, September 22nd, so you have about a month to tell your retailer you want a copy.


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