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Monday, September 27, 2004

The Monday Briefing -- My review of Following Cerebus #1 and Joe Rybandt's latest installment of Lifespan: Comics are both up -- check out the Most Recent Updates section of the main page for the links.

This past weekend was somewhat downbeat, knowing as I did that it was my family's last weekend in our home of nine or so years. Even though I know our new home will be bigger and better, it still feels strange to watch the final moments of this place tick away. Among other things, Comic Book Galaxy was conceived here, just for starters. It feels so weird to know we're leaving it behind, and at a time of year -- autumn -- when so much of my life historically has been about change, this is just another one of those melancholy changes.

The next Five Questions for Newsarama.com is in the can, HTML coded, images and all shipped off to Matt Brady for posting on the next scheduled date, Friday, October 8th. Due to e-mail oddness, it's not going to be with the creator I originally thought, although that one will still get done (it's in his hands now) and likely be posted two weeks after the October 8th one. That one, the October 8th edition, should be popular with the readers, given that it's a frank discussion with one of the most popular and controversial people creating superhero comics today. So mark your calendars. And again, wish us luck as we pack up and move this week. We need all the luck we can get right about now.


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