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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Journal Comic Returns! -- Well, sort of! Cartoonist Drew Weing used to post a daily strip called The Journal Comic, and after James Kochalka's American Elf, it was my favourite online comic. Weing is now collecting the strips with a slew of extras:

Yeah, after something like a year, I've finally gotten all of the Journal Comic strips together in one big book. Hopefully it should be out in time to debut at the Small Press Expo (October 1st,) but you can preorder a copy right now! "But wait a second," you ask. "Why should I buy this book when I've already read all the strips online and/or bought all of the minicomics?" Why, I'm glad you asked! Let me tell you about some of the...


30 New Strips - Not only does this book contain every strip that appeared online, there are over 30 "new" strips! These comics were painstakingly reconstructed from unfinished strips and rough sketches, and fill in some of the gaps between the original strips. And they're exclusive to this book! Okay, I'll show you one. But that's it.

Bonus Comics - Two full-page supplemental comics by myself, a comic "rebuttal" by my roommate Antar, and a 2-page bonus comic by my girlfriend Eleanor! These are good comics, not just nepotism, I swear.

Journal Comic Fully-Illustrated Tour Guide - Find your way around the exotic locales of the Journal Comic!

Supplemental Material - A gallery of the Journal Comic-related art, including the covers of the original minicomics.

$13 gets you the book, shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. If you live somewhere in the rest of the world, email me and we'll work it out.

Weing says the collection is 128 pages with black and white interiors and a full-colour cover. If you say the gorgeous illustration he did for the recent Comics Journal young cartoonists issue, you know Weing has a wonderful colour sense, and the cover of the new collection is absolutely divine. Pop on over to his website, check out the details, take in the art, and damn it, send the guy thirteen bucks.


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