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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Ghosts -- You live anywhere long enough, and it feels like home. When we first moved into our current apartment, our daughter was 2 years old and our son was as yet unborn. Now she's 11 and he's about to turn 9 and we're moving in less than a week; this is the only home they've ever known.

I've gone through three jobs in this apartment, while my wife kept plugging away at the one she does, and very well at that. We've gone through two kittens (neither worked out, and were gifted to better homes), three fish (whoa, none of those worked out either, much less happy endings), and it suddenly occurs to me I'm not even sure how many cars. Six, maybe, counting the two radio station vans that I was lucky enough to be allowed to drive 24/7 by one particularly generous (when it came to vans) radio station owner.

So now we're leaving. This is my last Friday night and Saturday morning in this building. We move Thursday, into a house instead of an apartment, and my kids will finally have the yard my wife's dreamed of, and she'll have the place she's been dreaming of decorating for as long as she's been watching those home improvement shows on TLC. It should be an interesting time.

I know we're going to be without cable (and therefore with cable modem) for at least a few days, so expect a little bit of radio silence at Comic Book Galaxy between September 29th and October 4th or 5th or thereabouts. And please wish us luck as we pack up our books and our dishes and our DVDs and our kids and our lives and move into a new phase.

Did I mention that I really hate moving? Please do wish us luck.


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