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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Four Years Later... -- Today is the fourth anniversary of Comic Book Galaxy's September 1, 2000 launch -- with its dedication to promoting passion, truth and diversity in the global discussion about the comics artform.

While there actually was some discussion of a "five year plan" among the site's founders, I have to be honest and say that I'm as surprised as anyone else that we're now in sight of that half-decade mark. I've actually been writing about comics online for over five years now, but nothing has been as fulfilling or exciting in my writing life as creating, implementing and maintaining Comic Book Galaxy.

Oh, sure, it's been rocky at times -- every website has its highs and lows, but the great comics and graphic novels that have been released recently and the incredibly gratifying reader response to this year's relaunch and redesign of the site have me feeling more positive than ever that this site is not only needed, but wanted. Each and every one of you that has read, supported and enjoyed the site has my undying gratitude for giving me one of the best experiences of my life, and selfishly, one that has led me to discover even more unique, exciting and unusual comics than I otherwise would have been exposed to.

Here's what some possibly familiar names are saying on this fourth anniversary of Comic Book Galaxy:

Growing up I was a Journal kid, but I always read Amazing Heroes and, later, Wizard. Similarly, I'm as happy with all those light, fluffy forums on the net as I ever was reading the old, tabloid mags, but the weighty balance of sites like this are absolutely integral to getting a proper, well-rounded approach to the medium. It's just nice having writers like Alan and Chris, who's opinions I absolutely trust, to point out all the books I'm currently missing and should be shelling out my hard-earned royalties for. Plenty of sites have heart, but CBG has a brain too.

-- Mark Millar

Alan David Doane and Comic Book Galaxy have been a thorn in the side of the
dim-witted and ill-informed for four years now... and here's to another
four... At the very least.

-- Joseph P. Rybandt

I literally came upon Comic Book Galaxy by sheer accident, and it wasn't even the website, it was the old Delphi Forum. Here was agroup of people who not only read my fanboy books, but were also hip to some of the smartest books on the planet. They spouted out names like Kolchalka, Los Bros. Hernandez, Chris Ware, along with names I recognized, Alan Moore, Brian Bendis, Garth Ennis, and even the likes of Chris Claremont, Frank Miller, and many other old favorites.

While I often disagreed (at the time) with some of their views, I finally felt like I'd found a home on the web. Here were people that were interested in meaningful conversations about comics, and they read books that could literally change your life, and in the very next post they'd talk about the X-men, or Spider-Man.

For someone who's always felt out of place in the fanboy world, this was a dream come true. Still, this was before I'd become hooked on ADD's blog, and hung on the words of D. Emerson Eddy (who we definitely don't hear much from these days, which is extremely sad).

Once I found the reviews, blogs, recommendations, I was hooked for life. In the few years I've "known" Alan he's influenced my buying habits more than any other single force. Thanks to him I truly discovered how vast and far comics can reach.

Not to say my mind wasn't always curious, but like most things (be they good are bad), all one needs is a push, and Mr. Doane provided that push. It was like rediscovering comics all over again, like finding there was a whole new, unexplored world out there.

Well, it's been a few years since then, and my tastes have changed, which I'll forever fault Alan for, and here we are, celebrating CBG's anniversary. It's a testament to how wonderful everyone who's been involved with Comic Book Galaxy is, that it has made it through the toughest of times, and even been resurrected from the dead, which fits right into the Comic Book World. In comics dead is never dead, even if you see the headless body.

I'd like to thank everyone at the Galaxy, both past and present contributors, for the tremendous influence it's had on my life. Hopefully we'll see it last through another five years, and if not, I'm sure we're likely to see all the names associated with it in some from or fashion.

You just cannot keep the passion these people have for comics caged for very long.

Thanks guys, best wishes,

-- Logan Polk

I first encountered Comic Book Galaxy and Alan David Doane when Tony Isabella posted a link to Alan's column where he skewered Augie De Blieck. I was hooked.

Alan has mellowed a bit over the years (he apologized to Augie in the Pipeline forum); but just a little bit (see his recent eviscerations of Geoff Johns).

What hasn't changed is his passionate commitment to comic books that engage the mind, heart and soul. CBG has seen contributors come and go over the years but Alan has been the one constant. And thanks to him, myself and many other readers have been introduced to a whole lot of great comics we otherwise wouldn't' have heard of. Palomar, Strangehaven, James Kolchaka, and Joe Matt are just a sample of the comics and creators that I have discovered through Alan and CBG.

Congrats on the 4th anniversary and here's to four more.

Constant Reader,

-- Christopher Jones

About four years ago, a random message board poster made a snide, somewhat
insulting remark about legendary artist, Alan Davis to which a fellow named
Alan David Doane made quick mince meat of the ignorant poster. From this, I
came to know Alan David Doane as one of the most blunt and passionate
persons I've ever known and he just so happened to have his own website.

Over the following nine months or so I became hooked on Comic Book Galaxy
and its cadre of writers striving toward a unified purpose of promoting
truth, passion and diversity to comic readers and non-comic readers. My
enthusiasm for the site grew to the point where I contacted Alan in the
hopes of contributing to the Galaxy in some way which he accepted. My first
assignment was supposed to be a simple comic convention write-up but it
quickly turned into a 5000+ word rambling, incoherent odyssey. I was
eternally grateful Alan didn't just drop me from the staff right then and

Flash-forward to the present time where I've been both a writer and
sometimes editor for the Galaxy for over three years now, on and off, in
every incarnation of the site. I have found my time working under and along
side of Alan David Doane (and in its early days, Editor Chris Allen) and
with the great Galaxy writers, past and present, to be the most rewarding
working experience of my life. Congratulations, Alan. And on to year five...

-- Nick Capetillo

Thanks to everyone who wanted to share their thoughts about Comic Book Galaxy as we enter our fifth year, thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site in every incarnation of its existence, thanks to all the great comics creators and publishers who work so hard to give is our very reason for being here, and most of all, thank you to everyone who has read and supported our efforts since that first day of September in the long-ago year 2000. The world has changed a lot since then, as has this comics internet -- but my personal passion for what we're doing here is greater than ever, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

-- Alan David Doane


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