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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Five Questions for Ed Cunard -- No, not from me, but Ed Cunard answers Five Questions About Independent Comics over at his fab new blog The Low Road.

“Indy,” in terms of usage, is a horrible fucking descriptor. It means something different to everyone, and no one seems to be able to get around that problem. I mean, are Dreamwave books “indy” because they aren’t published by one of the big four? But, let’s say distribution is the core of the indy definition, and include those books that look like big, corporate comics.

That's why I generally use the term "artcomix" these days to discuss the vital alternative titles that are worth seeking out; generally they have the creation of enduring art as one of their primary goals rather than the creation of commerce, which is what any book featuring The Transformers or whatever godawful shit it is that Dreamwave is dredging back up from the sediment of the Reagan Years is created for. I also endorse Ed's list of quality artcomix publishers, although it's a little more inclusive than my mental list is. You're still more likely to be entertained and doing a better thing by supporting any of the companies he mentions than the ones that profit from rape, of either the Jack Kirby or Sue Dibny variety.


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