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Sunday, August 29, 2004

That Voice Again -- One of the most entertaining and visually delightful artists in corporate comics is Mike Wieringo. I recently interviewed him for The Five Questions, and the reason I chose him was that A) I've loved his work for years and B) He is one of the nicest and most honest guys in comics.

He's recently focused his honesty on himself and his career, in a moving analysis of how creatively fulfilled he is in comics after many years illustrating other people's dreams.

It's sobering reading, and I'm sure his thoughts are echoed in the heads of many of the gifted people who create the comics you enjoy. But Mike is actually brave enough to say it in public. The support he gets in his comments section is heartening, but even moreso is the implication in his post that he wants to make the big move into telling his own stories.

Comics has this vast potential to reach its audience by relating resonant human experience in a way that is intimate, personal and devastatingly direct; sorry to say this, fanboys, but the chances of any story accomplishing that with Doctor Doom in it are pretty slim -- and they become even more infinitesimal when you dilute the story's creative power with multiple, necessarily varying creative visions.

Mike, find a way to do what you need to do. As a wise man once said, in every revolution, there's one man with a vision. If you have to create the story one stolen moment at a time, do so -- and you'll leave behind something of substance that will cement your artistic legacy in ways playing in Stan and Jack's sandbox never really will.

(Thanks to AK)


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