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Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Sunday Briefing -- Hey, how ya doing? As I write this, it's nearly 7 o'clock in the morning, Sunday morning, and I'm working on seemingly ten different things at once.

I've finished polishing up the code for a new column that will debut here tomorrow at Comic Book Galaxy, the return of yet another Galaxy alumnus who will be focusing on one of the most exciting writers in comics with a multi-part look at the writer's entire career (or damn near to it). That'll be tomorrow. As will my next big article, which I finished writing yesterday, a revision of a piece from a couple of years ago, greatly rewritten and expanded, with new images to enhance the piece. So that's Monday.

I just now finished editing Chris Hunter's incredible trancript of my October, 2001 interview with James Kochalka, which is now available in the Galaxy's interviews section in either text or MP3 format. Editing Chris's transcript (and thanks, Chris!), I was really taken back to that time, just a month after 9/11, and I really enjoyed seeing how James and I got a good discussion going out of issues of terrorism, cartooning, and his music and comics careers. It's a fun interview, whether you read or download and listen to it. Check it out.

I am halfway through writing a new article that came out of a discussion on the Comic Book Galaxy Forum, so keep an eye out for that probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

So it's been a busy weekend of writing and editing; on the schedule today is some time with my son as my wife and daughter go school-clothes shopping. I have no idea what the day will bring us, but it's not even 7 AM yet and I feel like I've accomplished quite a lot already.

11:00 AM Update: Finished an 1100 word freelance writing assignment for publication this morning too; man, I'm feeling freaking prolific this weekend.


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