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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Reviewer's Dilemma -- Johanna Draper Carlson gets to the heart of one of the biggest difficulties reviewers face in her review of Nate Powell's Tiny Giants:

"Sometimes, this isn't a very fun gig. You've put something off for so long that you feel like you really owe something spectacular, or at least the best you can do, but there are so many other comics you'd much rather be reading, and you can't even say why you just want to move on. Which is supposed to be what you're so experienced at, so you start projecting your feelings of failure onto the book, and how the heck are you supposed to enjoy reading it at that point?"

I reviewed Powell's newest, It Disappears, in yesterday's Quick Hits here at Comic Book Galaxy, so this is a timely discussion as far as I am concerned. Powell's work is impenetrable, but it's also gorgeous and intriguing. There aren't many talents that present this sort of challenge to a critic, and really, I'm glad for the ones we have. Critics need all the challenges they can get.


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