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Friday, August 20, 2004

Early Word on We3 -- I received this e-mail from a friend who shall remain anonymous, because I didn't ask before posting his opinions...but I thought they were worth reading. It's his reaction to reading a First Look copy of DC/Vertigo's new We3 by the always-stellar team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly.

Hello Alan, I am writing you to offer my opinion of We3 by Grant Morrison.

At first, I felt the book was a bit boring, as it seems to be mainly pictorial for the first half. But once the dialogue began, and the main characters were introduced, the book gained momentum quickly. By its end, I was eagerly anticipating the next issue. So, it was a good experience overall, and I think the book will appeal to the likes of us, but may seem confusing to others, for it is essentially an indie book, with only mainstream appeal in as much as it's being made by top mainstream creators.

Seaguy didn't seem to go over well with many, and I think this book may perplex people just the same. Most will buy it for the merits of the creative team, but then dismiss the book as an oddity they feel they can trust because of who made it. I don't think this book would succeed at all without Grant Morrisson and Frank Quitely working on it.

Morrison set out to write this book in order to create a western manga. Largely, I feel he has already accomplished this goal with just the first issue, especially by having several pages with sparse amounts of dialogue -- a staple of manga style comics. The only difficulty I see with this approach is resolving the rather expanded format of Japanese comics with the space limitations of doing a three book western-length mini. The plot, too, is very manga like, but with western overtones. You'll see what I mean when you encounter the scenes in the laboratory and so forth. Last, but not least, is the presence of weird robots. What's more manga than that?

Anyway, check it out, and I hope to see what your review is like online.

I'm definitely picking up We3 next Wednesday, and after Seaguy, I am eager to see what Morrison (and Quitely) have up their sleeves.


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