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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


A Dash of Shaw -- If you like comics like I do (and by now I suspect you have a pretty good idea of whether that's the case or not), you'll be excited to know that Dash Shaw has a new graphic novel coming out.

His previous work Gardenhead thrilled me with its combination of graphic experimentation and unusual storytelling. Shaw's next project is a 128-page graphic novel debuting at spx 2004 in October. It's titled "love eats brains!" but Shaw says it's a totally new story than the original series he put out with the same name. I guess he must be attached to that title.

Here's what we know so far about the new book:

Dash Shaw's epic zombie romance chronicles a photographer torn between his pregnant wife and the memory of a dead, teenage librarian. One night all hell breaks loose. Dash's art varies as the story weaves in and out of memories, horror and romance.

This beautiful, oversized graphic novel will break your heart and brain. Honest.

LOVE EATS BRAINS! "Melds gore with philosophy with heartbreak and blends it all into a wicked stew of collage, thumbprints, and angst-filled pen strokes"
-PUNCHLINE magazine

"potential funnybook breakout stardom"- The Comics Journal

"Dash's work is full of passion and enthusiasm for the art form" -David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil)

128 pages. 8.5 X 11" MATURE READERS; published by oddgod press

There are sample pages and more information available at dashshaw.com. Check it out and let your retailer know you want Love Eats Brains!


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