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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Critiquing Comics Critics -- Tim O'Neil touches on some extremely interesting points right here. His most cogent paragraph:

The most important aspect of modern comics criticism which remains woefully underdeveloped is the acknowledgement and understanding of art-as-story. Comics are neither literature or art, and although the critical language of both disciplines can and has been appropriated by comics critics, ultimately these languages are woefully insufficient to engage the texts on the intimate critical level they deserve. I will not say that we need to develop a “new” critical language, because that would a silly and self-defeating act, and I’ve no desire to hamstring this conversation by going down the traditional critical cul-de-sac of unspecified semantics. No, it is enough merely to state that a new critical language will naturally follow if enough critics begin to engage the medium with sufficient rigor and enthusiasm.

Don't mistake this for posing or pretension; this, rather, is one of the few qualified online critical minds getting very close to the heart of the problem in recognizing good critical writing that actually moves comics forward.


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