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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

CA On The Basement Tapes -- Chris Allen, who hopefully will start posting here soon, sent this to me to post:
I've just read the first two installments of Joe Casey's and Matt Fraction's The Basement Tapes, and other than the not-so-great-or-emblematic title, I really, really like this column. These are both two bright writers who have at times let their words get away from them, but here, engaged in a dialogue, it's like having a man at either side of the rowboat to keep it from capsizing. Either one is there to right the other. The way the two sling words, even conversationally, is a pleasure in itself, but what really charges me up about the column is that there's really a pure, positive purpose to it all. Any of the bullshit that occasionally marred their solo columns seems to have been left at the door, and in its place there's this great dynamic of the slightly older brother Joe giving advice to Matt, and maybe feeling a little responsibility to set a good example for Matt. And yet, this is not sage advice, but rather, Joe is telling Matt, essentially, to get every dumb idea he has out there and maybe even fall on his face: "that's where the glory lies." I see Matt as working maybe a little more from his head than Joe does, so this could be very useful. It's also nice that Joe isn't a wizened old has-been, but almost undoubtedly has his best work ahead of him. I find the column not just interesting, but, as someone writing his own comics right now, it's genuinely inspiring as well.


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