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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

ADD on The Filth -- This is from the shiny new Comic Book Galaxy Forum at Joey Manley's Talk About Comics:

It took me years and years to see what others see in Morrison's stuff, and I'll give you a hint, a big part of it is looking past the surface and seeing the story for what isn't in it. Seriously. Morrison includes a lot of details obliquely through hints and allegations, visual cues and the like.

I'd recommend you check out The Filth -- literally if you can, from the library, as to save yourself twenty bucks in case you hate it -- and really try to approach it with no preconceptions. Accept it on face value, assume that everything everyone says is true (because in a way, it is, from each individual's point of view), and see if the tapestry of this maginificent epic with a beating human heart at its center doesn't open up for you.

It didn't, for me, the first time I tried to read it in monthly form. The second time, I was blown away by the completeness and humanity of it, and the third time I read it, seriously, was the second after I finished the last page during the second read. I HAD to stay in that world -- I couldn't leave Greg behind, I had to have closure, which a third, immediate read gave me a bit of, but it's a story and a world that I want to revisit often, because it just says so much to me, at 38, about my life and the word around me. Magnificent, wondrous stuff. Please give it a try.

My actual review of the book is here, but my continued passion surprised me so much I wanted to make sure you saw these additional comments...


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