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Monday, March 08, 2004


The Week in Comics -- Here's a preview of some of the noteworthy titles arriving in shops Wednesday, March 10th, 2004.


OPTIC NERVE #9 $3.95 -- One of two ADD Blog Books of the Week. Here's how you know if your comics shop is truly on top of things in the industry -- did they have this weeks ago? Because it's been available from the publisher and other distributors for some time, but Diamond is only getting around to it now. Here's my review from a month ago. Probably the best issue yet, and a must-read for artcomix enthusiasts.


STREET ANGEL #1 $2.95 -- Here's the other ADD Blog Book of the Week. My review of this smart, forward-looking adventure comic is right here. Oh, and, Randy Lander likes it too.


CEREBUS #300 $2.25 -- You'd have to be crazy to pass up this issue. My friend Marshall thinks it'd be a hoot if Dave released #301 next month just to fuck with everybody's heads.


COUP D'ETAT AFTERWORD $2.95 -- Half of this issue is drawn by Whilce Portacio, but the good news is that the other half is a preview of "Season Two" of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips's Sleeper, America's Best Monthly Funnybook. Not to be missed.

GOTHAM CENTRAL #17 $2.50 -- No idea what's going on in this issue, but I always enjoy the book. I do find that my enjoyment is inversely proportional to the presence of Batman-related characters and refrences, but your mileage may vary.

PROMETHEA #29 $2.95 -- The last few issues of this title -- literally the end of the ABC Universe -- are among the best comics I've ever read, and certainly among the best Alan Moore has ever written. Essential reading.


MARVEL MASTERWORKS UNCANNY X-MEN VOL 3 HC $39.99 -- I've been trying to reacquire all the Claremont/Byrne issues I long ago sold off. The reproduction of the artwork in these Masterworks volumes is often lacking, but usually better than the shoddy job that was done on the recent Wizard X-Men hardcover.


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