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Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Voice of Reason -- Here's Chris Allen, weighing in on John Hinckley Clifford Meth:

Very funny ADD takedown/fisking of Clifford Meth, but the source material is really pretty disturbing. Now, I don't know this guy's work other than this column, and I believe that he's done good things, editing anthologies with some top writers and apparently writing his own stuff. He may be very talented and have his heart in the right place with many of his projects, including the upcoming Cockrum tribute book. But what on Earth was he thinking with this attack on Barry Windsor-Smith?!

His column is about the longest piece yet devoted to the Cockrum book, but instead of getting potential readers excited or moved enough to order it, he takes the opportunity to blast Windsor-Smith for an old grudge he has. The grudge isn't even against BWS, but Alex Bialy, and he even admits Bialy may be the sole culprit who committed the terrible crime of getting Meth pulled off a story. He didn't get Meth fired, as that wasn't in his power to do. Even if it led to Meth's firing, it has little to do with BWS. So here BWS, whatever his feelings about Meth, agrees to contribute to the Cockrum book anyway. But Meth can't let bygones be bygones, and instead insists that Barry call him. No, an email is no good, and Meth is not going to accept this superstar's gratis contribution without making Barry contact him and dig up an incident from many years ago. And when BWS understandably declines to do this, his contribution is then publicly refused. Never mind the extra copies a BWS pin-up just might sell, that would then benefit Dave Cockrum. Nope, Cliff's got to stand by his principle, the principle of publicly fucking with hyphenate artists when their assistants piss off Cliff. This just makes me not want to buy the book at all. Does Cockrum have a PayPal I could send to?


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