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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Ultimate Embarrassment -- You know, this is really a disgrace. I bought the discounted Ultimates DVD at Toys R Us this past weekend, and not only did it really get me excited about the title again, but my kids and even my non-comics reading wife were interested in the story.

When The Ultimates debuted, it looked like the natural inheritor to the legacy of the glory days of The Authority, written and drawn by two of the book's strongest talents. Months and months of delayed issues of The Ultimates diminished the buzz on the book, and seemed especially grating given that The Authority as drawn by Bryan Hitch mostly shipped on-time.

Personal problems, time-intensive modern artistic techniques, blah-fucking-blah. DO THE GODDAMNED WORK, or don't be surprised when people no longer give a flying fuck about what was once one of the most-anticipated and talked-about comics on the stands.


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