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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Random Sunday Blogging -- It's early on Sunday morning, and everyone in the house but me is sleeping. There's a part of me that wishes I could "sleep in" on my day off, but there's another, stronger part that really enjoys the quiet.

Fans of Uzumaki should really enjoy today's American Elf strip by James Kochalka. If you're reading this on Monday, he's probably already changed it, but you really ought to be a subscriber anyway. It's the best webcomic I've found, and just about the only one that has managed to make itself a daily stop. It does so through a canny combination of readability, creativity and ease of navigation. And plus, man, Kochalka just keeps getting better and better. Saturday's strip, about his son and his cat, showed just how much his new life circumstances have improved his already exceptional cartooning.

And it appears for all the world that John Byrne has deleted his utterly insane comments about Grant Morrison and Alan Moore. The link is no longer working, although a search on the Byrne forum for his favourite word "eviceral" still brings up a hit. So it bears repeating so that John Byrne's opinion of much better, more gifted and memorable creators can be remembered for the ages:

I get no sense from [Grant] Morrison's work that he has any "love for the genre". I get the same vibe I get from [Alan] Moore -- a cold and calculated mixing of ingredients the writer knows the fans like, but to which the writer himself has no eviceral connection. Nostaligia without being nostalgic, as I have dubbed it.)

Do your part to make sure that this quote isn't forgotten. It's everything that's wrong with comics -- John Byrne's, anyway.

Update: The link supposedly works again.


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