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Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Peter Bagge -- One of the most prominent alternative cartoonists of the 1990s has reinvented himself recently with investigative strips and essays that see print annually as Hate Annuals, always one of the most dense and interesting comics in any given year. He spared a few minutes to answer the Five Questions.

Your alternative comic Hate is now a series of annuals, one of the most fascinating aspects of which is your political, cultural and social commentary and journalism. What do you get from those efforts that you didn't get from plain ol' cartooning?

It allows me to run off at the mouth in a way that I can't do in a comic strip. I currently am doing regular strips for REASON Magazine, and it's very hard to get my point across sometimes in a comic strip format. I wish they'd let me just write an illustrated article sometimes like I used to do for Suck.com!

With Hate only appearing once a year these days, what's a day in the life of Pete Bagge like?

I'm still trapped in my dungeon/studio all day working on countless projects -- the latest being a regular "Bat Boy" comic strip for the Weekly World News!

Which presidential candidate would Buddy Bradley be voting for, and why?

Seeing how he has a brain, Buddy would vote for whomever the Democrats wind up nominating to oppose President Bush, even if that means going through the trouble of registering.

What's you take on the overall state of the comics industry at the moment?

While I'm pleased to see that comics are making inroads in books stores via the graphic novel route, I'm very upset at the shrinking demand for the traditional comic book format, which is by far my favorite medium to work in.

What does the phrase "Make Mine Marvel" bring to mind?

A paycheck.

Get the lowdown on Bagge's comix at Fantagraphics.com.



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