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Friday, March 05, 2004

The Morning After -- It's been just about five years now since I started writing about comics online, and yesterday was as fascinating and exciting a day to mark that occasion as I could have hoped for. The Five Questions for Alan Moore piece brought a 400 percent increase in unique visitors, and as I tracked back where they were clicking in from, it was interesting to me to see how many of the message board posts said things like "I hate to link to Doane's blog, but..."

I'm not blind to my reputation, although it is a little disorienting to even realize that I have one. But I'm grateful to all who linked to the piece, and further to everyone who read the interview. Just about every last bit of credit has to go to Alan Moore himself, whose willingness to share both his time and insights gives pause. I think a lot of his thoughtfulness and humility comes shining through in the interview, and he really provides a great example of how a creator should approach not only their work but their efforts to promote and discuss it.

At least one message board poster asked "Who's next?" in regard to the Five Questions, and luckily I do still have some ideas in that regard. Yesterday was a high-water mark in many ways, and there's a strong temptation to say "Glad you enjoyed the show, folks! Good night and drive safely!" after such an exciting and well-received event. But the show will go on, after I take a couple of days to continue recovering from this respiratory whatever-it-is and hopefully resume my regular blogging schedule.


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