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Friday, March 12, 2004

Friday -- The weekend is nearly upon us, although I have to work Saturday morning so I'm neither excited about the prospect or optimistic that I'll get much writing done this weekend.

Well, that's preferable to spending even one minute pontificating on the relative value of blogs vs. message boards, or even more ludicrous, blogs vs. blogs-that-claim-not-to-be-blogs. Some days comics is filled with such creeps and losers that it's sorely tempting to send the computer back to Dell and pare the pull list down to Forlorn Funnies, Street Angel and Sleeper and have the shop mail 'em to me once a year.

In the real world, meanwhile, I made a meatless lasagna for dinner last night that kicked ass and satisfied even my meat-craving wife, although her ultimate 7/10 rating of it hurt just a bit. My daughter really loved it though, and that was gratifying. The transformation continues. If anyone had told me a month or two back how different my life would be in just a few weeks, I never would have believed it.


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