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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Comic of the Week -- Make sure you pick up Darwyn Cooke's continues-to-be-excellent DC: The New Frontier this week; #3 arrives in stores today. Don MacPherson reviews it:

Cooke's simpler style doesn't keep the book from looking moody and mature. He employs heavy inks to great effect for key visuals. If his work on Catwoman and Selina's Big Score weren't enough to convince fans of the strength of his craft, Cooke's efforts here definitely will.

I want to remind you that with ad-free, double-sized issues, New Frontier would be a bargain even if it wasn't filled with drop-dead gorgeous artwork and an epic story that involves the biggest icons of the DC Universe. Since it has all that, too, you'd really, really have to hate superheroes not to be buying this book and shouting about it from every rooftop.


While I'm here, I want to remind you that Sleeper: Season Two ships in June and you need to tell your retailer now that you want to support the best monthly series on the stands. Here's a taste:

Now that is pretty. The second Sleeper trade paperback also ships in June. Buy these books or I will really, really be pissed.


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