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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Baby Got Feedback -- Firstly, thanks to everyone who either wrote me privately or posted a note in their blog about how much they enjoyed yesterday's Five Questions for Dave Sim. Special thanks to Dave Fiore who suggested this particular 5Q in the first place.

Second, here's an e-mail I received early this morning that really made my day:

Hello Alan,

A quick shout out of thanks to you for urging folks to read Palomar. I've
read comic books and graphic lit for years yet had never once cracked open
Love and Rockets. My loss: Palomar was indeed great.

Thanks to your insistence, I convinced the book club that my boyfriend and I
belong to read it for our latest book (others have included The Corrections,
The Left Hand of Darkness and When We Were Orphans). The group loved it.
The majority of the group (well, all other than me really) hadn't opened a
comic book since they were children and were pleasantly surprised to say the

We also enjoyed a delicious homemade Mexican dinner replete with handmade
tortillas, skirt steak mole, Margaritas, and these delicious chocolate bars
with cinnamon and ancho chiles. No babosas though unfortunately!

Thanks for the heads up. I may not agree with everything you say, but damn,
if you haven't made for interesting and informative reading. Your blog is a
treasure to the comics community.


You might not realize it, but those of us who spend our time writing about comics really do love to hear about it when we've turned you on to new stuff, so thanks to Ariel for the kind comments, and to everyone reading this, if you end up liking something because you read a recommendation of it somewhere, you should drop a line to the critic in question and let them know. It's extremely gratifying to know when you've made a difference, and Ariel's note certainly brightened my day.


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