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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Thursday Reading -- If you're as big a fan as I am of Chris Allen's Breakdowns, you check it out every week. Trouble is, he went bi-weekly recently, yet paradoxically seems to be delivering more words than ever. If you want to sign up for his mailing list, Allen now plans to notify readers when his new columns are up for your consumption. Today's nearly 10,000 word edition includes a raft of good reviews (including a different take on The Unfunnies than most reviewers are doling out), part two of his essential Publisher Report Card and an in-depth, full-length interview with Tony Isabella. Today's Breakdowns sets a new standard of quality and quantity in online comics commentary. Check it out.

Also, new on the comics column scene is Past Masters written by Clifford Meth for Silver Bullet Comic Books. The timely debut column focuses on Dave Cockrum, a longtime comics artist probably most well-known for drawing the first issue in which the new X-Men appeared, Giant-Size X-Men #1.

Past Masters looks like a column that should be of interest to any comics reader who believes creators should be treated like human beings. Here's a bit of a press release from SBC:

Neal Adams cared about the injustice done to Siegel and Shuster by DC over Superman royalties. No one else cared. But Adams fought the corporate monster and won.

Harlan Ellison continually bucks the trend by caring about matters no one else does - his current copyright fights with AOL are a case in point. He is one of the most tenacious, respected, and feared guys in multiple entertainment industries.

Adams and Ellison have now teamed up for another cause no-one else seems to care about - but not only are they doing the right thing, it's comics history in the making.

Who? Why? How? Where? When? Clifford Meth...and only Clifford Meth...has the details.

"I've been published by Billboard and The Literary Review, and syndicated by the LA Times. Barnes & Noble called me one of dark fiction's best secrets," said Meth. "Harlan Ellison digs me. Kurt Vonnegut, too. But an opportunity to write for SBC? Jeezus Murphy--that's better than giving Britney Spears a coffee enema."

"It's always heartening to see comic fans and creators living up to the ideals of justice as expressed by their four-color heroes," said Silver Bullet Comics' editor-in-chief Jason Brice. "Clifford Meth is going to bring us one step closer to those values in his weekly column at SBC, keeping a watchful and protective eye on those who have gone before us, celebrating their past triumphs and anticipating their future successes."

Give the premiere of Past Masters a look.


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