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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Thursday Blogging -- It's the off-week for Chris Allen's Breakdowns column, so, eh. Not much to talk about today in any event. I've got a lot going on behind the scenes, including lining up the next six or so Five Questions pieces, which will include some of the most popular alternative cartoonists around and at least one person I might call "the best writer ever to work in comics," if I wasn't afraid of jinxing the whole bloody thing...

For you process junkies, please note that I have revised the right-side column to move my reviews and the Five Questions into a higher and more prominent position. I also want to revise the links to other blogs, columns and sites in the next week or two, but I keep getting distracted by more immediate concerns. If you've got a link you'd like to suggest, e-mail it to me and I'll give it some thought.

Sadly, I think that's it for today. Sorry not to have more for you, but the next few days look to be pretty full, so hopefully that will make up for it.


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