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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Early Wednesday ADD -- I've now been sick since Friday morning, and I think my wife may be right that it could be pneumonia. In any case, I am not feeling my best at the moment, although I can't tell if I feel better, worse or the same as I did yesterday.

Later today I am set to record an interview I've been working on getting for months now, with one of the biggest names in comics history, and a personal favourite creator of mine. Wish me luck. Coincidentally, on the suggestion of a colleague, I proposed a Five Questions piece with another key figure in comics history, who is about to celebrate a unique accomplishment in the next few weeks. I just sent those questions off, so it's looking very good here at ADD Central for those of you who enjoy the 5Q. Judging from my e-mail, that seems to be just about everybody, and I'm very happy to see it's been so well received.

If you're a creator who reads this blog and would like to receive the 5Q treatment, or if you know a creator you would like to see interviewed, e-mail me and I'll get right on it.


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