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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Early Saturday Morning -- Early morning is when I am at my best, relatively speaking. In the 1990s I worked overnights, and even though I've been on a closer-to-normal schedule for the past four-and-a-half years, even on my days off I find myself getting up in what most people consider the middle of the night.

This morning I was up around 3 AM. My wife and kids obviously are still sleeping, so I went out in the living room and set out their Valentine's Day gifts, grabbed a handful of Cape Cod Reduced Fat potato chips and watched saved episodes of The Daily Show and Howard Stern from the DVR. There were two episodes of the Stern Show, but only one was entertaining. As soon as I realized the second one was a dud, I deleted it and prowled the list of stuff on the DVR.

I've had Donnie Brasco on there for a few weeks, and started watching that. Good movie about an undercover special agent played by Johnny Depp. I forgot how good it is. I'll probably finish the whole thing in segments over the weekend.

I tend to find it hard to stay in one place to sit and watch an entire movie, though, so I got up and surfed the web for a bit, finding the below-linked Fantagraphics Infodump. Lots of good news on there, especially that Eightball #23 should ship this summer. There are few cartoonists that entertain and excite me more than Dan Clowes. Interesting how many of those great cartoonists are on that same page. Fantagraphics is indeed home to the world's best cartoonists, and Drawn and Quarterly seems to have a good portion of the rest of them. I'd guess that over half of the true, great living cartoonists right now are associated with one of those two companies. And it might be closer to 75 percent.

Also while online, I decided to revise my list of links over in the right-side column, as I mentioned I wanted to do yesterday. I'm still not convinced this is the perfect iteration of the ADD Blog list o' links, but it's closer. Suggestions always welcome.

Don't know how much blogging will get done this weekend. Today is Valentine's Day and I want to spend it with my wife and kids, hopefully in activities both separate and together -- and Monday is President's Day, and we haven't even bought our tree yet.

For the interested ADD Blog fan, and I know there are dozen of you, the next few weeks will include a great batch of Five Questions interviews. I also have a decent stack of comics to review, but I don't know for sure if I'll get to that today or not.

Anyway, this is my early Saturday morning. Everyone else in the house is still asleep, so I am going to go back and watch some more Donnie Brasco. Enjoy your weekend.


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