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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Weeklong Birthday Spectacular Update -- Yesterday was the Boxing Day of my Weeklong Birthday Spectacular, and since the events of the week have to be parsed out very carefully, the big event of the day was a haircut.

Yeah, well, I enjoyed it.

Today's main event is a trip to what we used to call the "record store," to pipck up the new CD by Voodoo Child, which is Moby's instrumental/ambient side project. This is the second full album he's released, and I love the one track I've already heard off it -- and the previous release is one of the CDs that spends the most time in my CD player. So it's a must-buy for me.

Hopefully you read and enjoyed today's debut of Five Questions For... (scroll down to the previous post if you don't know what I'm talking about), and if you have any suggestions for creators you'd like to see answer Five Questions, shoot me off an e-mail and any contact information, if you have it, and I'll do my best.

I should note that Augie De Blieck has posted some reviews in his new column today, notably DC: The New Frontier Augie says:

This is a beautiful book, and a high watermark for everyone else to aim for throughout the rest of this year. Cooke's art is well stage-managed. The issue reads like a storyboard to a feature film, and not just a comic book.

I recommended New Frontier in my Short, Sharp Shocks yesterday, and want to encourage you to give it a look, even if you're put off by the $6.95 price tag. At 64-ad free pages of glorious story and art, New Frontier is one of the most entertaining bargains around. Like Augie, I crave a hardcover collection, but I don't want to wait a year or more to read the rest of this terrific story.


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