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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Weekend Update -- Much to my surprise, I actually did make it over to Modern Myths in Northampton, Massachusetts yesterday. My friend Marshall came along, and we had a great time talking to owner Jim Crocker about comics, life in New England, and more. I also spent way more than I should have on comics, and impressed myself with how I dodged the question when I got home. Wife: "How much did you spend on books?" Me: "The ones I got for the kids? The book I bought Kira was six dollars." Wife: "No, altogether, how much did you spend?" Me: "Who can say with any degree of certainty?"

On the bright side, I found a Junji Ito title I haven't read yet (absolutely loved his Uzumaki), GYO, and discovered Jim Woodring's The Book of Jim among the seeming thousands of graphic novels in stock at Modern Myths. I also got the second Uncanny X-Men Masterworks volume, because I am nostalgic for the Claremont/Byrne era, and the second volume contains the beginning of their run. I look forward to re-reading those stories for the first time in decades, in some cases, and reminiscing about a time when Claremont and Byrne were both viable comics creators.

Check out Steven Grant's essay about his new title My Flesh is Cool, by the way -- it's good reading, along the lines of his Permanent Damage column. I reviewed My Flesh is Cool earlier this week, in case you missed it.

In the works for next week: Another installment of Short, Sharp Shocks and another comics creator agrees to answer Five Questions.


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