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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Trapped Like A Rat in A Cage -- I'm stuck at home today, as my Weeklong Birthday Spectacular winds toward its second and final weekend.

With snow in the forecast today, I'm having to put off a hoped-for trip to Modern Myths, a Northampton, Massachusetts comics shop that is a couple of hours from my house and one of the finest and most diverse comics stores I've ever been in. If the forecast improves for tomorrow I may make the attempt, as I really want to get over there and see what owner Jim Crocker has stocked his shelves with since the last time I was there.

Yesterday was a pretty good day as Weeklong Birthday Spectacular days go; I finally tracked down a copy of Baby Monkey, the new CD by Voodoo Child -- which is really Moby. My local Coconuts record/CD/DVD store didn't have it, but I finally tracked a copy down at Wal-Mart. I hate giving them money, but I really wanted this CD. It's all dance/techno/instrumental stuff. Moby is one of my favourite musicians, and I've listened to the CD about 10 times now. While some tracks are better than others (almost always true with Moby), almost all of them are good, and I think it holds up well in comparison to his recently released 18 B-Sides CD, which I also liked quite a bit.

My family went out to dinner last night at one of our favourite restaurants, accompanied by my friend and original Comic Book Galaxy partner Marshall O'Keefe, who my kids absolutely adore. Marshall's one of my oldest friends, going back to high school. I think we met in 1980 or '81, and have enjoyed a strong friendship cemented by compatible (although not always identical) views on life, the universe and everything. It's one of the joys of my life that my children are so fascinated by him and enjoy his company as much as I do. Normally I'm in bed by the time we got home last night, but I'm on vacation, so what the hell.

Arriving home after dinner, I occupied some time re-reading Ed Brubaker and Colin Wilson's five-issue Point Blank mini-series, which led into Sleeper, which you may remember is my favourite monthly comic right now. I'd had a brief discussion with some friends in the industry about Point Blank and its necessity or lack thereof to enjoying Sleeper, and I've come to the conclusion that you really have a greater understanding and enjoyment of Sleeper if you've carefully read Point Blank (which, like Sleeper, has been collected in trade paperback). Point Blank is a complex but rewarding mystery involving Grifter from Wildcats trying to navigate the dark and dangerous underworld of the Wildstorm Universe. Throwing in a SPOILER WARNING here, I'll just point out that in Point Blank you get to see:

The art, by Colin Wilson, is different from what Sean Phillips turns in on Sleeper, but it has a Walt Simonson kind of looseness to it that I find appealing, and it is definitely complementary to the art in Sleeper.

So that's my comics recommendation for the day -- if you haven't checked out Point Blank yet, give it a look.


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