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Monday, January 05, 2004

Tally Me Banana -- Christopher Butcher's thanks to me and Dirk Deppey in his column this week spurred me to take a look at my own site statistics and see who I have to thank for the ever-increasing number of visitors to the ADD Blog.

No surprise at all that I get most of my hits from Dirk Deppey. His Journalista! is the best source of comics news and information anywhere on the planet. Honestly, if you've got Journalista! bookmarked, you're set. Everything important about comics (and the funny unimportant stuff, to boot) will get to your attention thanks to Dirk's diligent observance. He's been very kind to link to this blog (and its predecessor) many times over the course of its history. Thanks, Dirk.

Also worth noting are the links I get from John Jakala, Kevin Melrose and Sean Collins. They're just below Dirk not only in terms of the hits they send my way, but in terms of the amount of information and entertainment they provide on a daily basis. Anyone who disparages the comics blogosphere either isn't reading these blogs or is a goddamn idiot. Possibly both.

And speaking of Collins, check out his interview with cartoonist Phoebe Gloeckner. She's one of the most vital and significant comics creators of our time, and big kudos to Sean for making sure this interview made it into the public's hands despite the best effort of backwater imbeciles who put its original planned venue out of business.


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