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Monday, December 15, 2003

Monday Reading -- In Part Three of Rob Vollmar's Discovering the Elephant, Rob continues his examination of the graphic novel.

Paul O'Brien has updated The X-Axis with a batch of new reviews.

I guess The Comics Burrito is going the way of Four Color Hell, huh?

Rob Liefeld is in the spotlight in the new All the Rage. A highlight is the revelation that, in addition to shoddy reproduction, Checker Publishing is reportedly not paying royalties "to the creators for either of the Supreme reprint volumes."

Isn't it nice that we have an entire generation of publishers now reprinting classic comics and doing so without properly paying the creators of the work (Barry Windsor-Smith and Conan and the new Dark Horse collections come to mind)?

How companies like Dark Horse and Checker can admire these works so much that they want to bring them to new generations of readers, and yet violate the rights of the very creators of those works so flagrantly, is almost impossible to comprehend. But it's certainly a fact that readers should take into consideration before supporting the resulting publications. When you know that buying an Alan Moore's Supreme collection (however shittily printed) or a Conan trade paperback, you might pause for a moment and ask if you want to take part in stealing from creators you admire. Because when you reprint work like this without paying royalties to the creators, you're stealing. Period.

In the All the Rage piece, Liefeld states that he "look(s) forward to achieving personal profitability on the Checker books that will enable (him) to cut everyone involved royalty checks." And I think we've all seen over the past few years how trustworthy and reliable Rob Liefeld is, no? Well, he says the entire Youngblood: Bloodsport mini-series will have shipped by Summer, 2004, too. Mark your calendars, kids. (And for a lark, before it disappears, re-read the Rob Liefeld Translation Algorithm. Good times, good times.)


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