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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I Want to Respect Laura Gjovaag -- Really, I do. I generally like her blog and her approach. But her out-of-control comments at John Jakala's blog have pretty much destroyed her credibility:

"I'm tired. I'm tired of being insulted and belittled every time I express an opinion. I'm tired of being a second-class citizen in the comic book blogosphere because I enjoy superhero comic books. I'm tired of all the crap that's constantly being heaped on anyone who dares to defend superheroes. I'm tired of comic book snobs, people who the rest of the world considers every bit as nerdy as me, acting like I'm slime."

You're tired? Take a nap. And who acted like she was slime? Paranoid much?

Here's where she really flies off the wall:

"ADD's style is that of an arrogant asshole, so self-important that he forgets he's only a small fish in a tiny pond. Describing that badly-drawn, badly-colored, BORING, and static image as "subtle, post-iconic" is just spraying Pinesol on shit and hoping nobody notices it still stinks. As for the Aquaman covers that I posted, both of them were similar in style to the dung that ADD posted in that they were portraits, but both of them also showed movement (which is a very important aspect of superhero comics that apparently ADD is too fucking stupid to know about) and gave a hint as to the character (gee, fish, I guess he's underwater)."

I won't even bother getting into issue of critical faculties -- Seth's mainstream appeal and general overall excellence are widely known among adults who read comics, and besides, any time you write the words "As for the Aquaman covers that I posted," when seriously trying to defend yourself, well, it really is time to take a nap.

You can read Laura's name-calling ignorance in the comments section of these entries at Jakala's blog. She's also ranting and raving a bit about it in multiple posts at her blog.


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