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Monday, December 15, 2003

The Comics Journal Dichotomy -- You know, for the longest time, The Comics Journal website was a fairly static, uninteresting thing -- a few web-only essays and an active if maddening message board, but ultimately its primary purpose seemed to be to advertise the contents of the latest issue of the paper magazine.

That all changed when webmaster Dirk Deppey singlehandedly created the most important comics weblog, iJournalista!, a daily dose of comics news both large and small that shames not only the so-called "comics news sites," like The Pulse and Newsarama, but which now has clearly shamed the paper version of the magazine, too. Sean Collins wrestles the Journal's pathetic news section to the mat and leaves it screaming for mercy with whatever pitiful voice it has left.

The pity is, 20 years ago the Journal was the only place to find hard-hitting comics industry news. Now it's just about the last place you can expect to find it. My wife probably knows more about what's going on in comics today than Journal news editor Michael Dean.

It's ironic and sad that as the Journal's interviews, reviews and features have thrived in the past few years, the news section has wasted away to nothing. Other than in-depth obits, the news section is pretty much optional reading these days, convention reports and features pretending to be news. Hopefully Sean's outing of the news section and accurate trumpeting of Dirk Deppey as the internet's best comics resource will set the Journal's editors and managers to thinking about some ways to fix what has clearly been broken for years now.


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