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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Attention Creators and Publishers -- Renee French linking to one of my Comic Book Galaxy reviews over at the TCJ boards reminds me that I should probably mention this.

If you're a creator or publisher and you've linked to one of my Comic Book Galaxy reviews on your website, the Comic Book Galaxy review archive will be permanently disappearing within the next couple of weeks (I thought it had already gone down the other day, but it came back). If you want to continue to use my reviews on your sites, you have my blanket permission to use the full text of the review on your site, preferably with a link to this current weblog here at www.addblog.com.

The point here is that any current links to material archived at Comic Book Galaxy won't work after a couple more weeks pass, and if you want to continue to use my review, you're gonna have to copy and paste it to your own site. If you don't have the web-savvy to do that, drop me an e-mail and I can send you what you need to post on your site.

It's possible that a third party may eventually host my review archive to keep it from fading into oblivion, but this being the internet, I won't fully believe that until it's already happened. So if you want to continue to use my reviews to promote your work, grab it now or e-mail me for assistance.


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