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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

AK Waffles -- Former Title Bouter AK weighs in on Dirk Deppey's essay on the Direct Market, then takes it all back.

One point I particularly sympathize with AK on is when he says "[Comics is] actually pretty sweet right now, man. I got a Joe Sacco book and a Junji Ito book on Saturday. How awesome. I know everyone's a downer right now but man, I think what it is: the less you pay attention, the more awesome comics seem. Now that I don't do a comic book column anymore, everything I read is awesome. Palomar -- awesome, GYO -- awesome, that Chris Ware sketchbook -- awesome."

When you have a column, or a website (and I see this morning that Comic Book Galaxy seems to have officially entered into history -- it's gone, Jim), you feel a responsibility to read everything you can afford, and everything on top of that, that the publishers and hopeful creators send to you. Sturgeon's Law invokes itself, though, with the vast majority of what you receive being crap, and a large portion of that egregious crap that makes you want to eschew comics in favour of a new hobby, or just suicide. When you free yourself of those perceived responsibilities, you are free to focus only on that work that you know will be good (because it's from a trusted creator, or because someone you trust recommends it), the percentage of great stuff rises exponentially. "Yay, comics," you say, but to a much smaller crowd. It remains to be seen whether this enlightened self-interest can save comics, but it will certainly save the sanity and love of comics for those willing to stop reading utter crap like Power Company or Creature Tech or Eclipse and Vega (choke!) because you feel you have a responsibility to -- Team Comics, or, whatever.

Oh, by the way, this has been your AK Stalking Moment of the Day.


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