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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Young GODS and Friends is Coming -- I've gotten an advance copy of Barry Windsor-Smith's Young GODS and Friends hardcover, and it is gorgeous.

I was involved in the production of the book early on, as was my former Comic Book Galaxy compadre Rob Vollmar, and our aborted forewords appear in an interesting pastiche along with those by Dave Sim and another couple of people...reading it straight through as one piece (the fragments separated by font style) not only serves to put the book in context but is entertaining in its way, like a David Lynch movie...you're not sure what you've seen, but you are compelled while experiencing it and left pleasingly exhausted afterward.

This is the first of three volumes that will reprint the three serials from BWS: Storyteller, and man, in addition to the previously-published Young Gods chapters, there are a TON of extras -- unpublished chapters, story fragments, sketches, essays, correspondence, and more. The reproduction is outstanding, maybe the best colour reproduction of BWS art short of his Opus art books.

Unfortunately, I'm told the books probably won't arrive in the US until January, which is a goddamned shame, as this would make a hell of a holiday gift for comics readers.

So here's a heads-up that it IS on its way (literally), and if you like BWS's art you might want to tell your retailer now to set aside a copy for you.


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