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Monday, November 03, 2003

The Week in Comics -- Here's a rundown of stuff to look out for at the comics shop this week.


PALOMAR COMPLETE HEARTBREAK SOUP COLL HC $39.95 -- Comics as they should be. Gilbert Hernandez has dedicated decades of his life to telling this story, originally serialized in the pages of Love and Rockets. Now it's all collected in a single, seamless 500-page-plus slab of comics goodness that will entertain and enrich your existence. This is the must-buy item of the week, the month, and very possibly the year.


BATTLE ROYALE VOL 3 GN (Of 5) $9.99 -- Class full of high schoolers tries to survive on an island where it's kill-or-be-killed. And even if you kill, hell, you might still get killed. Super violent, but super entertaining for mature readers.


DARK DAYS #5 30 DAYS OF NIGHT SEQUEL $3.99 -- This has been every bit as enjoyable as the series that spawned it; perfect to keep the post-Halloween horror vibe going.


TOM STRONG #23 $2.95 -- Lately, it seems like the core ABC titles have been almost indescribably good. Maybe it's Alan Moore's impending retirement from mainstream comics that has him cramming so much detail, emotion and excitement into books likew this, Promethea and Smax -- whatever it is, they're better than they've ever been, and better than 95 percent of what's on the stands these days.


EMPIRE #4 (Of 6) (MR) $2.50 -- Continuing Mark Waid and Barry Kitson's exploration of villany from the perspective of a superbadguy who has conquered the world.

POINT BLANK TP (MR) $14.95 -- If you're interested in Sleeper but haven't given it a look yet, this TPB collects the mini-series that led into what is one of my favourite comics. This is one of those stories that reveals its details in such a way that when you get to the end, you realize you need to read it again to appreciate all the subtle hints that were there all along. A great action/adventure/mystery that remains underrated, in my opinion.


SAVAGE DRAGON #112 (RES) $2.95 -- More of the usual excellence, semi-traditional sooperhero comics from Erik Larsen.


SUPREME POWER #4 (MR) $2.99 -- I miss Babylon 5.

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #49 $2.25 -- Still great fun. You have to wonder if Bendis or Bagley will ever drop the ball on this one?


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