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Monday, November 03, 2003

Melrose Place in the Black Lightning Scheme of Things -- I was disappointed to read Kevin Melrose's comments on the ongoing issue of DC's misuse of Tony Isabella's Black Lightning character.

In responding to Kevin's comments, Tony told me:

Most of what he wrote was a contemptible attempt to impugn my character and motives and thus not deserving of response.

However, I did abruptly leave the second Black Lightning series.

Through no wish of mine own.

As has been reported frequently, I was fired from the second series for "lateness" after I turned in the script for the ninth issue.

This was over two months before the first issue was shipped...

...at a time when I was approximately 6-8 weeks ahead of the company production schedule and my artist was just starting work on issue #6.

Either Melrose was ignorant of these often-reported facts or chose not to mention them in his blog.

I think that many comics readers today don't understand how characters were created in comics in the pre Work for Hire era, a time that Black Lightning and his creation by Tony Isabella falls in to. Additionally, it seems many readers are eager to take the side of the publishers of their favourite characters rather than the creative people who made it possible for that company to exist in the first place. If the current situation educates readers on these issues, perhaps in some small way it will be worth it. In the meantime, it's left to people like Tony Isabella to try to be heard over the din of uninformed readers and creators who really ought to know better.


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