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Saturday, November 01, 2003

John Pierce on The Comics Simp -- Seriously, John Pierce is my new hero:

"James Sime, in his article The Comic Pimp, gives us a tired 'guerilla warfare' routine where his secret agents give some people comics. Everyone gets a pat on the back because they got someone to look at a comic. And hey, Too Much Coffee Man at the coffee house. Brilliant. I think I'll go break into Los Alamos and leave them some issues of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man."

Not surprisingly, Chris Allen also gets it.

See, it's not that we don't want comics to thrive. It's not that we don't want heartfelt, passionate and effective activism. It's that this does nothing for the cause. Read through the archives and find that, other than handing out free comics to being business to his store (and sure, good for him), his suggestions mostly ring hollow at best and offensive at worst. "Let's go kill some Nazis!"

Comic Book Resources has hosted a number of positive activism-related columns, including those by Larry Young and Warren Ellis. Maybe someday they will again. But that day is not today.


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