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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Do Comics Cost Too Much? -- --- Not the good ones. The problem is, there aren't enough good comics.

Speaking as an adult with a decent discretionary income, rarely does a week go by that I spend as much as I'd like to on comics, because I don't buy the ones that don't consistently entertain me and fire my imagination. So I often leave the comics shop having spent less than I could have, because there's simply not enough good comics worth buying.

Of the titles I get the most excited about, say, Eightball, Forlorn Funnies, Acme Novelty Library, Love and Rockets and a select few others, they could easily double their cover price and I wouldn't blink. THEY'RE THAT GOOD. Anyone who's read Palomar will tell you they'd still have bought it, knowing how good it is, if it was double the price, assuming their rent and groceries were covered that month.

Cost only is a factor when you are suffering truly bad financial hard times, or when the books are so marginal (i.e., most "good" Marvel and DC titles) that you'd drop them if they cost a quarter more. If that quarter makes that much difference, either you're at the limits of your budget or the comic probably isn't very good. Truly good comics, to quote a friend, are worth every penny.

Update: -- Mick Martin has a gratifyingly thoughtful response.


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