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Friday, November 21, 2003

Dave Sim City -- The new issue of Cerebus is worth picking up for a couple of reasons. It reprints Chester Brown's short strip about his mother and schizophrenia, which leads into a lengthy discussion between Brown and Dave Sim about mental illness, religion, prostitution and sexuality in general.

I don't have the issue in front of me, but I was really struck by Sim's obvious intelligence and his near-manic drive to debate the issues he sees as important. I disagree with him on a very fundamental level about relationship issues and especially about gays and lesbians (who he literally equates with puddles of vomit on the street), but I was fairly riveted by the passion with which he defends his ideas.

I even found myself sympathizing with him in some areas -- I think he's on to something about the need for honesty in relationships, but his personal experience has driven him to such bizarre defense mechanisms that any real dialogue with him would probably be futile.

And I learned Chester Brown frequents prostitutes, which despite having read many of his graphic novels, I did not know.

Little to no discussion of Louis Riel, but I imagine they'll get back to that in the concluding chapter of their discussion next month. Then I can go back to not reading Cerebus.


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